Charley McCoy Thanks

All thanks to God above….for we were made to praise Him.

To my wife Steph, thanks for being by my side, to my daughters Cydney and Carlie, S.O.T.’s biggest fans, daddy loves you very much.  God has truly blessed me with a wonderful family.  Hey “Drummer Boy” thanks for your “Words of Encouragement” L.O.L.  Special thanks to the Lycan clan for providing “Lessons from North Sunset” especially:  YOU CAN, YOU WILL, AND YOU’LL LIKE IT.  Shout outs to the guys at River Track, my peep’s @ BB&T, Mark with 914 Productions, Paul Pinson, & Howard Cooper.  1 Peter 3:15.


Mike Maynard Thanks

Allow me to start by saying, “Praise God for all that He has done in my life!” Also, I would like to thank my wonderful wife, three great kids, my mother and father and my band mates who from day one have been my support group through everything I’ve gone through both good and not so good. To my band: thanks on my behalf just for being determined to keep this dream alive so we do this for the sole purpose of touching people for the sake of Christ Jesus. May His works be accomplished through our efforts and our strong faith in the Son of God, Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior.


Daniel Lycan Thanks

First, I want to thank my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, for shedding His blood for us and giving me the strength I need. I want to thank my family for helping me and pushing me to get better. Thanks to my band members, for keeping me sane! I love those guys. Thanks to all the guys at River Track Studio and Mark Drury for doing a great job on this album.


Joe Lycan Thanks

First, I thank Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior, for what He did and continues to do in our lives. I thank my loving, patient wife for her support, hard work and simply believing in our ministry. “Sons of Thunder” wishes to express deep, heart-felt gratitude to Dustin Fenison and the members of Live Fish, our friends in Christ. They were the catalyst for our band’s ministry. Special thanks to Pastor David Webb for his intense love of the Gospel and his transparent, down to earth, spirit-filled ministry that continues to impact and change Eastern Kentucky. I would like to thank Pastors Mitch Bias, Chris Blevins and John Hobson and also Phil and Cathy Fuller. These folks have continued to show the true love of Jesus and the Father to a lost and hurting world.

Sons of Thunder wishes to thank Otis Dillon and Robert Maynard of River Track Studios for selfless devotion in the recording of this CD. We are greatly indebted also to Mark Drury in Nashville for his awesome mastering of our tracks. We pray a very special blessing to the Peak Family for allowing us to use the painting “Year of the Horse” by their father, the great and timeless artist, Mr. Bob Peak. May the Lord richly continue to bless the artistic legacy left behind by Bob Peak’s God-given talent. Thanks to Mike Colburn for teaching the rock licks back in the days we both had more hair and less judgment. Lastly, we speak blessing over you, our fans and friends, and we thank you for listening to our message of the only hope: Christ Jesus. It is not about the Sons of Thunder. The Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit are the headline band ….. and we are coming to your town to show you Them. Blessings!